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Tennis Captain Cooling Towel


A great way to say “Thanks Captain!”


The perfect gift for your tennis team captain!  Personalized with his or her name on one end and a host of descriptive captain terms on the other.

When playing tennis in the heat, having the ability to bring your body temp down gives you a key advantage over your opponent! 

These personalized cooling towels are light weight, store easily in your cooler, and can be customized with your favorite colors.

Material:  polyamide (55%) and polyester (45%)

To use:
1. For best results, store it in a cooler
2. Pour a little ice water over it, wring it out, snap it, or stretch it
3. Enjoy the refreshing cooling sensation as you apply the towel to your neck, forehead, arms or legs.
4. Return towel to the cooler and repeat as needed.
Be sure to wash your towel between workouts.

Printed with your name on one end and a fun selection of tennis quotes on the other, if desired. You are welcome to customize the wording to suit your preferences. If you want to swap out my list of quotes, just leave your quotes or text in the text box along with your name. I’m happy to help you make it your own.

Makes a great gift for your tennis doubles partner, your team captain, or you can just treat yourself!

Don’t like to lug a cooler with you on the court, just pour cold water over the towel, wring it out, then drape the towel around your neck for instant relief!

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Additional information

Weight .3125 oz
Dimensions 12 × 36 in

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